Rules & Regulations


Date of the Competition : 1st – 3rd April, 2016
Venue : Bishop Cotton Women’s Christian Law College,
No. 19, 3rd Cross, C.S.I Compound, Mission Road, Bengaluru - 560027

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Host Institution
5th National Moot Court Competition for Ever Rolling Trophy conducted by Bishop Cotton Women’s Christian Law College.
Problem of the Competition as released by the  Organiser(s).
The written submissions made by each team, according to these rules. Memorandum includes Memorandum for the Petitioner and that for the Respondent.
Preliminary Round
The first round.
Advanced round

means the Quarter-Final Round, the Semi-Final Round or the Final Round of the Competition.

Registration Number

Unique Number/ Alphabet allotted to each Team on the first day of the Competition.

Registration Form
Form issued by the  Organiser(s).

2.1. All law schools, faculties of law and other institutions recognized by the Bar Council of India, offering a law degree are eligible to participate in the Competition. Only one team is allowed to participate from each law school/ faculties of law/ other institutions. Only students presently pursuing LL.B course (5 years and 3 years course) are eligible to participate.

2.2. Team members should be bonafide students of the Institution they are representing. The Organiser(s) can make any inquiries of the same at any timeduring the Competition. Teams must carry a college identity card / Bonafide Certificate.

2.3. A team must be composed of a minimum of 2 members and maximum of 3 members i.e., 2 speakers and 1 researcher. Any 2 members of the team may be enlisted / registered as speakers. Only registered / enlisted speakers shall be permitted to plead in the oral rounds. However, only in the event of unavoidable circumstances, the researcher will be, subject to the discretion of the Organiser(s) permitted to plead in the oral rounds.

2.4. Each team will be provided a team code by the Organisers. Teams should not disclose the identity of their institution; such disclosure shall invite penalties including disqualification. The decision for the same shall be at the discretion of the Organiser(s).

3. Registration
3.1. Each team must register itself by sending a duly filled Registration Form along with the required crossed Demand Draft of Rs. 2,500/- (Rupees Two Thousand Five Hundred only) drawn in favour of “BISHOP COTTON WOMEN’S CHRISTIAN LAW COLLEGE, BANGALORE”, both of which shall reach the Administrator by the 1st of March, 2016 via Registered Post with Acknowledgement Due.
3.2. Once registered, the registration fee would neither be refunded nor waived. All updates will be communicated to the contact person as mentioned in the registration form. It is the responsibility of the contact person to communicate any contingent updates to the team. Confirmation of registration via e-mail by 20th February, 2016 is highly recommended as the competition shall be limited to the first 30 teams to register
3.3. A notification will be sent to respective colleges as to whether they are among the first 30 teams. On confirmation of registration and participation by the Administrator, further details of the official schedule and accommodation shall be provided.


4.1 Each team must prepare a Memorandum (written statement) in support of the Petitioner/Appellant’s position and the Respondent’s position. Soft copies of their Petitioner’s / Appellant’s and Respondent’s Memorandum in pdf format assigning file names Petitioner /Appellant and Respondent respectively along with the Team Code assigned by the Organiser(s), must be emailed to, not later than 1st March, 2016 for the memorandum rounds.

4.2 One hard copy each, of the Memorandum for the Petitioner / Appellant and for the Respondent (i.e., total of 2 Memoranda) must reach the Organiser(s) not later than 5th March, 2016 before 16.00 hours.

4.3 Five hard copies each, of the Memorandum for the Petitioner / Appellant and for the Respondent (i.e., total of 10Memoranda) is to be submitted at the time of the orientation, i.e. on 1st April, 2016.

4.4 Once the memoranda are submitted, there shall not be any additions, modifications, supplements etc.

The cover shall be placed on the Memorandum in the following manner.

a. Petitioner / Appellant - Blue Color
b. Respondent - Red Color

The Cover page of each memorandum must contain the following information:
i. The Team registration code in the Upper right corner, followed by “P/A” for the Petitioner’s / Appellant’s (as the case may be), or an “R” for the Respondent Memorandum. Eg: Team 99 will put the code as “99A”.
ii. The year of the Competition.
iii. Cause Title.
iv. Title of the Memorandum. E.g. “Memorandum for the respondent”.


4.6.1 Paper size: A4.
4.6.2 Printing Specifications – The content must be printed on both the sides of a page
4.6.3 Page Margin: Equal margins of at least 1 inch on all sides.
4.6.4 Language: English
4.6.5 Text Font and Size:
a. Headings: Times New Roman, size 14.
b. Main Body: Times New Roman, size 12.
c. Footnotes: Times New Roman, size 10.
4.6.6 Line spacing for:
a. Main Body: 1.5.
b. Footnotes: single line spacing.
4.6.7 Page Limit (maximum):
a. Total: 40 sides = 20 pages (printed on both sides)
b. Arguments Advanced: 25 sides.
c. Statement of Facts: 2 sides
4.6.8 Binding specifications: Soft Binding. No plastic dividers, binding, sheets or cellophane sheets should be used.
4.6.9 Character spacing should not be condensed.
4.6.10 Reproduction of all copies must be clear and in full size.

4.7. The Memorandum must contain the following parts only:
1. Cover Page/ Cause Title;
2. Table of Contents;
3. Table of Abbreviations;
4. Index of Authorities;
5. Statement of Jurisdiction;
6. Statement of Facts;
7. Issues Raised;
8. Summary of Issues;
9. Argument Advanced;
10. Prayer.

4.8. The Index of Authorities must list all the authorities cited in the Memorandum. Corresponding page numbers and/or paragraph number(s) of the Memorandum where it has been cited must be mentioned.

4.9. The Statement of Facts must contain a concise statement of the relevant facts of the Problem. It should not be biased or argumentative. The Teams should try and limit it to only the relevant facts and inferences which can be drawn from such relevant facts. This section should not exceed 2 sides.

4.10. The Summary of Issues should contain a summary of the Arguments Advanced. It should not be a mere reproduction of the headings and subheadings of the Arguments Advanced.
4.11. A uniform, consistent format of citations must be followed.

5. Preliminary Round 
5.1.Each team shall argue twice in the Preliminary Round, once for Petitioner / Appellant and once for the Respondent. In the Preliminary Round, each round will be judged by a Bench comprising of 2 Judges.

5.2. Oral Arguments: Each Preliminary Round shall consist of 30 minutes of arguments. The arguments shall be in English. Each team shall allocate its 30 minutes between the 2 speakers. Each speaker must be allocated a minimum 15 minutes. The 30 minutes shall include rebuttal and sur-rebuttal with only one speaker from each side respectively speaking. Rebuttal and sur-rebuttal shall not exceed 5 minutes. 

5.3. There will be two components in calculating the score of a Team. One shall be the Oral Component and other shall be the Memorandum Component. The total marks scored by a Team in the Preliminary Round will be a total of two rounds, i.e. Marks scored as Petitioner / Appellant added to marks scored as Respondent.

5.4. The details breakup of the marking criteria under as follows-
Knowledge of Law – 25 Marks
Application of Law to Facts – 25 Marks 
Ingenuity and Ability to Answer Questions – 20 Marks 
Style, Courtesy and Demeanour - 10 Marks
Time management and organization – 20 Marks

5.5. Teams with two wins in the Preliminary Rounds will go the Quarter Final Rounds. Where there are more than 8 teams with 2 wins each, the scores of the teams will be considered. If the tie shall persist then the total Memorandum marks of the team will be added to their score and the Team with higher marks will progress to the Quarter Final. If the tie persists then such a tie will be broken by the Administrator in discussion with the respective judges.

6. Quarter – Finals 
6.1.The Quarter Finals are a knock out round. The rules that apply to the Preliminary Rounds apply to the Quarter Finals as well.
6.2. The marking criteria of this round are the same as that of the Preliminary Rounds.

7. Semi – Final 
7.1. The Semi – Finals are a knock out round. The 4 winning teams from the Quarter – Final Round shall qualify for the Semi – Final Round.

7.2. Oral Arguments: Each Semi – Final Round shall consist of 90 minutes of arguments. The Petitioner shall be allocated a total time of 45 minutes and the Respondent shall be allocated a total time of 45 minutes. The arguments shall be in English. Each speaker must be allocated a minimum of 20 minutes not including the time for rebuttal / sur-rebuttal. The rebuttal / sur-rebuttal must be by one speaker only. Sur-rebuttal shall be allowed according to the discretion of the Judges only and cannot be claimed as a matter of right.

7.3. The marking criteria in the Semi – Final Round is as follows:
Interpretation and Application of Law – 20 Marks
Advocacy Skills and Court Manners – 20 Marks
Answers to Judge’s Questions – 20 Marks
Interpretation and Use of Facts and Appreciation of Memoranda – 20 Marks
Overall Impact – 20 Marks

8. Finals 
The winning Teams from the Semi – Final Round will advance to the Final Round.
The Oral Arguments as well as the marking criteria shall be the same as mentioned in the Semi – Finals.

9. Researchers’ Interview
Researchers’ interview shall be conducted before or after the Preliminary Round.

The judging shall be based on the following criteria:


      1. Interpretation and Application of Law – 25 Marks
      2. Interpretation and Use of facts – 25 Marks
      3. Appreciation of Memoranda – 25 Marks
      4. Advocacy Skills – 25 Marks

10. Team Anonymity & Penalties 

10.1. If the Memorandum is not prepared as per the instructions contemplated in Rule 4 there will be a deduction of 2 marks from the total marks of 20 reserved for each Memorandum.

10.2. If the Memorandum does not reach the Administrator before the stipulated time for submission of Memorandum then there will be a deduction of 2 marks for each day of delay.

10.3.Scouting is not permitted. If any Team is found indulging in the same, that Team will be disqualified.

10.4. Teams shall not reveal the name of their institutions, names of the participants anywhere in the Memorandum or in the course of the Oral Arguments. Each team will be allotted a Registration Number. A team shall be identified only by the Registration Number.


11.1. The winner of the Final Round will be declared the “Winning Team” and awarded a cash prize of Rs. 15,000/- and a winning trophy.
11.2. The other Finalist will be declared as “Runners-up Team” and awarded a cash prize of Rs. 10,000/- and a runners-up trophy.
11.3. The best Memorandum award is a cash prize of Rs. 5,000/-
11.4. The “Best Male Advocate” and “Best Female Advocate” shall be determined on the basis of the marks secured in the Oral Component in the Preliminary Round. Only those speakers who have argued both the sides in the Preliminary Round will be eligible. The best male and female speakers on the basis of the aforesaid rule will be awarded a cash prize of Rs. 5,000/- each.

13. Accommodation, Food and Transport

13.1. Accommodation and Food to the participating teams will be provided by college only during the competition i.e. from 1st April 2016 (12 noon) – 4th April, 2016till 12.00 noon (total of 3 nights only).
13.2. Accommodation will be provided to outstation teams only. Recommended railway stations are Bangalore City Junction Railway Station and Yeshwanthpur Railway Station. Nearest bus station is Kempegowda Bus Station. 

13.3. Teams coming by flight, train or bus will have to reach college by themselves. The Administrator will not bear taxi expenses. Those teams who reach before or want to stay after the designated dates will have to bear the expenses for their accommodation, food and transport. 

Contact Details:

Administrator's Address Telephone Student Representatives
#19, 3rd Cross, C.S.I Compound,
Mission Road, Bengaluru- 560027
Office :+91 80 22121898
Fax :+91 80 22485542

Sahana Devanathan: +91 9611171061

Aparna Venkat: +91 9740510316
Munseera: +91 8550030233

Interpretation of all the rules, as well as any waiver, consent, or further decisions are at the discretion of the administrator shall be conclusive and final.

Notwithstanding anything contained in these Rules, the Administrator may at any time before or during the Competition, amend, alter, modify or repeal these rules or any part thereof. The Administrator in the best interest of the Competition can take any decision including disqualifying teams for unethical, unprofessional conduct, etc. Nothing in these Rules shall limit the powers of the Administrator. Changes to the Rules, if any, will be notified to all Teams which register for the Competition.